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Application Process
Simply clicking the "Apply" button from this website does NOT complete the application process. It is your responsibility to make sure you have filled out all required and relevant application and enrollment materials necessary for the program you wish to attend.

Create an Online Account

Even before you are ready to study abroad, it is beneficial to create an online study abroad profile so you can communicate with study abroad advisors, get invited to information sessions and presentations, and make the study abroad office aware of your interest in study abroad.
  • Click on Create Account, fill in the relevant fields and choose a secure Password for your account.
  • Fill in all the profile sections listed (Academic Info., Program Preferences, Current Address, etc.).
  • Once you fill in your entire profile, you will be able to:
  • ask questions about study abroad program details
  • apply for a program

Find a Study Abroad Program

You can find study abroad programs through the interactive world map or search by categories:

Programs by Major

To search for a program which will offer courses in a particular major, use the Advanced Search page.

  • From the "Major" pull-down menu  - choose a major that is relevant to the courses you would like to take while abroad.  If you want to take course in more than one academic field (for example: Psychology and History) be sure to look at listings for both Psychology and History and find a program that will have courses in both areas.
  • The "Subjects" pull-down menu can only be utilized if you already choose a major and then the major has various areas listed.

Programs by Country
  • To search for a program by country, use the clickable world map which breaks out regions and countries and lists study abroad programs.
  • By selecting a world region, the map zooms in and shows the different countries in that region where there are available study abroad programs.
  • You can select a country either from the list on the left or by clicking on it on the map.
  • Selecting a country will take you to that country's description page, where you can find information about the country and the available study abroad programs on the bottom of the page.
  • Clicking on a specific program will take you to a program's description page where you can learn more about the study abroad program.

Apply to Study Abroad 

You need to be logged in to your account. You can then apply as follows:

Go to the interactive world map or the advanced search to find the specific program in which you are interested.
Click the "Apply" link next to the program name. This will link you to the MSSIS Office application process.

My Applications
This is your listing of application status.

The "Online form (0/4)" lists all ROTC Approval forms and Financial Aid forms.  All cadets with ROTC scholarships or contracts must obtain permission from the ROTC department head or designated official in order to be approved to study abroad. If you are a cadet with ROTC scholarships or a contract Only complete one form that is relevant to your ROTC branch. All cadets using Financial Aid to study abroad must complete the Financial Aid Budget Worksheet & Enrollment Certification Form.

The "Application forms (0/5)" are mandatory forms that must be filled out by all students interested in study abroad.

There will be two numbers indicating "0 out of X". This indicates how many forms are related to that specific application, and how many of those forms you have completed. Thus, you need to click on this (0 / X) link and then you will see a list of the forms you need to fill out. Click on the form name and fill in the form(s) completely.

Once you have completed the necessary form(s) for that specific program, your forms will be reviewed and you will be notified as to the next steps in the process.

Program Provider or Host Institution

After you are notified by the MSSIS Office that you have been "Approved"  and have completed all necessary application and enrollment forms, you will then need to click on the link to the specific program and follow the application instructions for the specific program provider or host institution.
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