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United Kingdom

Citadel Summer at Oxford University - Summer 2024

Term To Study: Summer 2024
Application Deadline: May 31, 2024
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Faculty-led
Program Fee: $7,165
Program Locations: Oxford
Contact Phone: 8439532405
Contact Name: James Bezjian
Contact Email:
What is Included: * Fellows stay in an Oxford college for the “OxBridge Experience”
* Modern rooms with individual or shared bathrooms and a study area
* Meals are taken in college and normally include breakfast and dinner
* Briefings and lectures are delivered in the college’s seminar rooms
* Seminars and the ‘Fellow’s Project’ briefings are held in the college theatre
* Each Citadel Fellow is assigned an Oxford Tutor (for graduate applications)
* Fellows will graduate in a ceremony with a drinks reception
* The Oxford Exchange offers a ‘High Table’ Formal Dinner in the college hall
* Punting on the Isis (Oxford) or the Cam (Cambridge)
* Crouquet & Pimms in the University Parks, and a live band in the College Bar
* Evening activities include organised pub crawls, movies, and site visits
* Fellows attend ‘Baroque by Candlelight’ concert in a college’s chapel
* Study trips may include sites such as the Houses of Parliament, Lloyd’s, MI-6, The British Museum, and embassies.
* End of Course Gathering, the Gala Dinner, and Final Night Reception (attendance: mandatory)
* One-on-one counseling to assist with graduate school applications to Oxford University!
What is not Included: * Flight to and from London
Program Description

The Oxford Exchange was founded to provide elite educational and transformative experiences to special groups of people from around the world through short-term residential immersion programs located in inspiring locations. Our central mission is to educate, empower, and connect each of our students.

OEX is offering The Citadel an opportunity to offer its students an intensive two week experience every summer in Oxford or Cambridge that is an accredited. The course was meant to serve as an opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding of subjects of interest such as international business, international relations, security studies, and other subjects from a European and British perspective.

Drawing upon Oxford University’s strengths, OEX offers The Citadel Fellows access to the unique Oxford’s individual tutorial system – each student is assigned a private tutor. Additionally, Citadel students will participate in Oxford seminar style of small group discussions as well as lectures for new material and each student will complete a “Capstone” Project at the end of the two weeks.

Course offered:
MGMT 431 - International Business

- Bodleian Card: All participants on the course received a coveted Bodleian Library
card in the beginning of the course.
- Study Field Trips (Oxford): The Oxford Exchange facilitated daily tours of sites of
academic interest within Oxford including other Oxford Colleges, the Ashmolean
Museum, the Pitt Rivers Museum, the Sheldonian Theatre, and other sites of academic
- Study Trips (London): The Oxford Exchange lead cohorts on visits to specific sites of
academic interest to locations in London: Houses of Parliament, The British Museum,
The British Library, The Globe Theatre, and other key sites.
- “Baroque by Candlelight ”in Exeter College Chapel: Performed by an Oxford musical
ensemble, this concert was truly a magical experience for the students after dinner.
- Evening Activities:
* Punting on the Isis
* Croquet (and Pimms)
* Pub Crawl(s)
* Jazz at the Rose & Crown Pub
* Live Band at the College Pub
* Black Tie Drinks & Dinner
* Graduation in the Chapel

Quick Facts

Population: 63047162
Capital: London
Per-capita GDP: $ 36600
Size: 243610 km2
Time Zone: (GMT) Dublin

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Travel Warning: YES
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