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Citadel Summer in Georgia

Term To Study: Summer 2019
Application Deadline: May 06, 2019
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Faculty-led
Program Fee: $3,260
Contact Phone: 843-953-9680
Contact Name: Dr. Carl Jensen
Contact Email:
What is Included: -Lodging
-Two meals per day (lunch and dinner)
-Travel insurance
-On-site Transportation
-Local Guides
-Tuition for 6 credits

What is not Included: -Roundtrip Airfare
-Passport Fees
-Personal Expenses
Program Description


- PSCI 336: Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States/INTL 465: Special Topics in Intelligence/INTL 585: Topics in Intelligence/PSCI 433: Special Topics in International Politics/PSCI510: Special Topics in International Politics

- CSCI 227: Principles and Practices of Cybersecurity/ INTL 465: Special Topics in Intelligence/INTL 585: Topics in Intelligence

Note: Students will earn 6 credits by participating in this program. Courses are cross-listed, allowing students flexibility in course selection. Graduate course sections are also included.


The Republic of Georgia is a critical strategic partner to the United States; for example, it has been the largest per capita contributor to coalition military efforts in Afghanistan. According to security expert Richard Weitz, “Besides its critical position on Russia’s southern flank, Georgia offers Western countries a front-line partner in addressing security issues related to Iran, Turkey, and the Armenia-Azerbaijan dispute.” Few, if any, US colleges besides The Citadel offer the opportunity to study abroad in this important and beautiful locale.

The trip includes multiple excursions to exciting locations, to include Georgia military facilities


Dr. Carl Jensen
Department of Intelligence & Security Studies

Dr. Terry Mays
Department of Political Science

Dr. Mays has had extensive study abroad experience and led the Estonia program in 2017 & 2018.

Quick Facts

Population: 4570934
Capital: Tbilisi
Per-capita GDP: $ 5600
Size: 69700 km2
Time Zone: (GMT + 04:00 hours) Abu Dhabi, Muscat

US State Department

Travel Warning: YES
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