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The Citadel Global Scholars in Madrid, Spain Fall 2022

Term To Study: Fall 2022
Application Deadline: Mar 15, 2022
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Faculty-led
Program Fee: $500
Link 1: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Link 2: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Academic Calendar
Link 3: UC3M Study Abroad Program Courses
Program Locations: Madrid
Contact Phone: 8439534915
Contact Name: Citadel Center For Intl. And Special Programs
Contact Email:
What is Included: *Tuition for courses
*Roundtrip Airfare to/from Madrid
*International Insurance Coverage
*Group Excursions
*On-Site support and Orientation
*Visa and Pre-Departure Advising
What is not Included: *Passport and visa fees
Program Description


The Global Scholars Program in Madrid is hosted by the Universidad Carlos III Madrid (UC3M). UC3M was established by an Act of the Spanish Parliament on 5 May 1989, within the framework of the University Reform Act of 1983. From the outset it was intended to be a relatively small, innovative, public university, providing teaching of the highest quality and focused primarily on research! The university actively encourages the personal development of all those connected to the higher education community. All our activities are guided by the values of merit, ability, efficiency, transparency, fairness, equality and respect for the environment.


Students participating in the Global Scholars Program will receive transfer credit from their host university. Therefore, their GPA will not be affected by courses taken during students' semesters abroad on this program. As long as students receive a C or better in their classes abroad, transfer credit will be applied to the students' transcript. The Citadel Office of Study Abroad will take care of pre-approving all course offerings from AUR for the Global Scholars Program. A complete list off available courses will be attached to this application page once all courses have been approved by Citadel faculty members.


Students interested in the Global Scholars Program for the fall semester should submit this application no later than March 15 if they wish to secure a spot. Students must meet the 2.5 GPA requirement and be in good standing in regards to discipline and conduct here at The Citadel. While the deadline is not until March 15, it is possible that the program can fill up prior to this deadline.

Important Steps to Study Abroad:
-Speak with academic advisor about what classes are needed to stay on track
-Alert chain of command that you wish to study abroad
-Contracted students should also alert ROTC departments of plans to study abroad

Any questions or concerns about the process can be directed to the Office of Study Abroad via email at

Quick Facts

Population: 47042984
Capital: Madrid
Per-capita GDP: $ 31000
Size: 505370 km2
Time Zone: (GMT + 01:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

US State Department

Travel Warning: YES
See :
Country Specific Info.

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