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United States

The Citadel in DC - SPRING 22

Term To Study: Spring 2022
Application Deadline: Nov 01, 2021
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Faculty-led
Program Fee: $500
Program Locations: District of Columbia
Contact Phone: 8439534915
Contact Name: Muhammad Fraser-rahim, Ph.d.
Contact Email:
What is Included: Students pay Citadel Tuition and Fees + a $500 program fee to participate in this program.

Fees will be discounted accordingly in order to reflect a meal allowance.

-Tuition + Fees
What is not Included: -Food
-Personal Expenses
Program Description





INTL 465: Domestic Terrorism and Violent Extremism – Case Studies in the US and Overseas - 3 Credit Hours
An introduction to various aspects of U.S. domestic and foreign policy with an emphasis from policy analysts, practitioners and academician perspectives. Special emphasis will be placed on the opportunity to take advantage of the class being in Washington, DC and the public and private conversations that can be leveraged in this environment. Much of the focus will take advantage of the judicial, legislative, and executive branch entities that occupy Washington, and also the non-profit, diplomatic and foreign affairs space that make Washington, DC unique. Finally, the course will place the context of the information presented from both an historical and contemporary context and leverage students internship experience in DC.

INTL 465: Foreign Policy/Homeland Security in Action – 3 Credit Hours
Students will engage in various aspects of terrorism and foreign/homeland security as both affect the United States today. Much of the focus will concern the problems and challenges stemming from 9/11 that create today’s world situation. To understand what is going on currently, the course will examine the historical context of both terrorism and national security as it relates to terrorism. In addition, students will work on a real time practicum exercise of the current issues facing the threat to the US homeland. This effort likely will be a partnership with a USG agency.

INTL 465: Global Powers Competition – 3 Credit Hours
Students will engage in this dynamic course that addresses the modern landscape as defined by international competition in terms of military, economic, social and political power. Since the end of the second World War, the global community has been dominated by American power and influence. However, historical and new international nation-state actors have emerged bringing about a shifting landscape. The modern era can thus be seen and defined as a Great Power Competition, a competition power between the United States and rival entities. Though the three main actors discussed will be China, Russia and the United States. Countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and regional powerhouse countries in Latin America and Africa will be explored. We will also unpack the role of the private sector on the global stage.

INTERNSHIP (PSCI 499 OR INTL 464) – 3 Credit Hours


Students interested in the CITADEL in DC for the spring semester should submit this application ASAP, but no later than November 1.
The internship search and placement process requires students to take personal initiative in researching and practicing frequent and responsive communication.
Securing an internship in DC can take time, if you are interested in this opportunity please apply early to ensure you stay up to date and have access to all resources and updates regarding preparing for the spring program in DC.

Students must meet the 2.5 GPA requirement and be in good standing in regards to discipline and conduct here at The Citadel.

Important Steps to Study Abroad:
-Speak with your academic advisor about what classes are needed to stay on track
-Alert chain of command that you wish to study abroad
-Contracted students should also alert ROTC departments of plans to study abroad AS SOON AS YOU APPLY

Any questions or concerns about the process can be directed to the Office of Study Abroad via email at

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