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Dear Parents and Family Members,

Thank you for lending your support to an experience that may be one of the most exciting and significant events of your student's life. Studying abroad is an occasion to learn about another country, its culture and its people, while either earning academic credit or participating in a non-credit opportunity. The experience also provides a chance to learn about oneself in the context of the world community.

The Citadel has many programs available to address the diverse needs of students. In order to make studying abroad an option available to as many students as possible, the Office of Study Abroad is committed to providing opportunities that are both affordable and meet the high academic standards of The Citadel. We work with faculty and departments across campus, independent program providers, and institutions abroad to offer opportunities that will allow participants to make substantial progress toward their Citadel degree while studying abroad.

Our staff, both on campus and abroad, work as much as possible with each participant to ensure that their individual needs and concerns are addressed before, during and after their study abroad experience. Whatever type of program your student has chosen, I hope that this information allows you to understand their unique experience and helps you provide the support at home that your participant needs to enjoy a rich and profound experience abroad.


The Office of Study Abroad

A division of the Office of International and Domestic Programs

The Process

It is important for you as a parent, guardian or family member to understand the process students must follow on their path to studying abroad. Read through the different sections of this website to familiarize yourself with the resources we've provided for our students.

Our office is student-centered. We purposefully strive to communicate with and send all correspondence to students. Students are the individuals who will be abroad and are responsible for themselves in a foreign country. While we are pleased to meet with parents and family members to answer questions, in many cases, we cannot share information out of respect for FERPA student privacy regulations. We ask that you funnel your questions through your student, having him/her serve as the family representative. When sharing your questions with your student, discuss why you have questions about a particular topic and what implications different answers could have. This process helps your student reach the next stage of maturity and become more independent.

The benefits of studying abroad are both academic and developmental. Pre-departure responsibilities help students exercise problem-solving skills that they will need to rely heavily upon once they are abroad, as well as to cope with the challenges of the "real world" after they graduate. Sometimes a student's question won't be answered directly, but instead they'll be referred to a website or an email. This is good practice in using resources available to them to find answers, handling ambiguous situations and deciphering indirect communication, all of which they will encounter abroad. Students are proud of what they learn they can accomplish on their own, and often surprise themselves with the numerous opportunities for personal, professional and academic growth that takes place before, during and after their study abroad experience.

Study Abroad & Transfer Credit

Students who study abroad meet with an academic advisor prior to travel and ensure that the courses they are taking will transfer per our academic policies. Students must earn a C or better in the course abroad for it to transfer back to the Citadel.

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