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Study Abroad Program Types

Citadel Programs

The Global Scholars Program is a new initiative to make semesters abroad feasible for all cadets at The Citadel.
This program allows cadets enrolled in nearly every academic major at The Citadel to spend a semester abroad while taking courses relevant to their major.  Students earn transfer credit upon successful completion of coursework at a foreign university.
The cost is nearly equivalent to what one would pay per semester on The Citadel's campus.

Short-Term Faculty-Led Programs
Individual departments and faculty members across academic schools provide direct opportunities to study abroad in a variety of countries and subjects each summer.
The application process for Citadel programs is the same as it is for students studying with an independent program.

The Citadel is a member institution of CCSA, a consortium of American colleges and universities, which offers study abroad programs and internships in English-speaking regions. CCSA is treated as a Citadel program.

Independent Programs
This option provides students the opportunity to study abroad for an entire semester or on short-term programs that are not normally available through Citadel programs.
With an independent program, students pay program fees directly to the provider and receive transfer credit for approved course work upon successful completion of their program

If you are interested in a program that is not available through our search please contact our office and we will look into the program and determine if it is appropriate.

What's the difference between Citadel Programs & Independent Programs?
  • Students studying on Citadel programs will receive Citadel credits that count towards GPA.
  • Independent program credits will come in as transfer credits and do not affect GPA
  • Citadel programs are offered during all semesters, including summer and winter.
  • Independent programs may have their own program times (half-semesters, spring break, etc.)
  • Citadel program students have faculty members teach and accompany them on their study abroad programs.

Helmut-Schmidt Exchange
Helmut-Schmidt University of the Armed Forces in Hamburg, Germany partners with The Citadel to allow students to experience a semester of education at an international military academy. To participate in this Exchange Program students must be nominated by the Department of Modern Languages based on their ability to speak the German language.
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