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Student Contract

Before students can leave on their study abroad program, they are required to sign a contract & liability waiver through the Office of International and Domestic Programs.  This contract outlines policies, procedures, expectations, and much more.

Below, you will find an internet version of said contract so that you may be informed of what the contract contains before you are requested to sign it.

Study Abroad Contract & Liability Waiver

This Study Abroad Contract will guide and inform Citadel students of certain required policies and procedures regarding study abroad.

Conditions of Participation:

I understand and agree that this constitutes a binding contract between the undersigned student and The Citadel.  By clicking "you agree", you are confirming that you have had the opportunity to read the information, to which you are agreeing, below.  If you have any questions prior to signing, please contact The Citadel’s Office of Study Abroad, International & Domestic Programs (OIDP) (843-953-4915).


This document represents the undersigned: a student applying or enrolled in a Citadel sponsored or approved study abroad program, for which academic credit shall be granted upon the program's successful completion.  This documents should be read carefully.  Once the undersigned/student has read, understood and agreed to the terms of the Study Abroad Contract & Liability Waiver, the undersigned/student is responsible for providing program specific information, complete questions verifying that they have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions of the Study Abroad Contract & Liability Waiver, and submit his/her electronic signature through their account on the Abroad Office website.


Study Abroad Eligibility and Application

Students must be rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors, and be in good academic, disciplinary, & financial standing in order to participate in any type of study abroad program.  Note that students on academic probation, on a required leave, or students who are under disciplinary censure or with outstanding financial obligations to the college are not allowed to study abroad.  If the OIDP has granted the student approval to go abroad and the student falls into one of the above categories, study abroad status will be revoked.

Definitions of good standing

Academic: meets minimum GPA requirements, these vary by program and can be found on the program's website.

Disciplinary: must be conduct proficient at all stages in the study abroad application process and while participating in the program. Students must receive a recommendation by the Assistant Commandant for Discipline as part of their study abroad applications (see "Conduct Approval" application form). Students who have received a Class I Offense within the previous two semesters prior to study abroad term are automatically ineligible to participate in a study abroad program. Conduct will be initially reviewed at the time of application and a final conduct approval will be given prior to departure.

Financial: does not owe for a prior or current term and/or has no holds on their account for financial reasons.

Abroad Office

All students will create an account and apply to participate in study abroad programs through the Citadel’s Abroad Office Application portal.

Types of Application forms to be completed

The "Online form (0/X)" lists all optional forms relevant to the study abroad process.

The "Application forms (0/X)" are mandatory forms that must be completed by all students applying to study abroad.

Once all mandatory forms are completed, a student's study abroad application will be reviewed for eligibility.

The "Enrollment Forms" are forms available to students once he/she has been conditionally approved to study abroad by the OIDP and are required for final approval to study abroad.


Application Statuses

Applying- You have selected a program to apply to and have started filling out the required application forms.

Review- You have completed all required application forms and your application is under review.

Approved- You have been provisionally approved to study abroad and are working on completing the Enrollment forms.

Enrolled- You have completed all required enrollment forms and is on track for Final Approval.

Student- This is your status while you are abroad.

Completed- Your program is completed.

Students will receive an "Application Status" notification email for each new stage of the application process.

I understand the terminology used in Abroad Office regarding the application process, statuses, and types of forms.


A.      Behavioral Responsibilities:

The undersigned is aware of the standards of conduct expected of all participants planning to participate in a Citadel sponsored or approved study abroad program.


1.       I understand that my application status may be revoked if---

2.       I understand that I am responsible for attending the OIDP Study Abroad Pre-Departure orientation.

3.       I understand that in the vent I cannot attend this meeting, it is my responsibility to contact the OIDP about alternative Pre-Departure orientation options.  All participants must attend or view the Pre-Departure orientation in order to participate in all study abroad programs.

4.       I understand that during the application process or while participating in my study abroad program, I remain subject to and bound by all currently existing college policies, including, but not limited to, all Cadet Regulations.

5.       I understand that I am ineligible to participate in any study abroad program if I am on college probation at any point during the application, after I have been accepted into my program, or after I have committed to participate in my program.  If I am placed on college probation after I have committed to my study abroad program, I understand that I am still responsible to pay the nonrefundable Study Abroad Fee and any other fees incurred on my behalf.

As a guest in a foreign country, there are certain behaviors that are considered unacceptable and could lead to possible disruption of the program.  The undersigned hereby assures The Citadel that he/she shall conduct himself/herself in an appropriate manner, which does not infringe upon the rights and safety of the undersigned and/or other participants in the program.  Standards of conduct shall be applicable during the course of the program both when in the company of other program participants and when the undersigned in physically separated from other program participants.

Inappropriate Behavior:

The undersigned acknowledges that the Citadel sponsored or approved study abroad programs have the authority to dismiss from the program a participant who engages in inappropriate behavior.  In such cases, the student will not be entitled to a refund and will be subject to The Citadel's disciplinary system upon return.


Involuntary Withdrawal:

The undersigned acknowledges that return passage and all other expenses occasioned by a participant's involuntary withdrawal from the program shall be the sole and exclusive financial responsibility of the student concerned.


B.      Academic Responsibilities:

The undersigned agrees to the following policies and procedures relative to academic matters.

       Required GPA:

       Citadel policy is that in order to be eligible to study abroad, students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 for semester programs and 2.0 for short term programs.

·       Students applying to Citadel sponsored or approved programs are subject to the minimum grade point average requirements determined by each program.


To insure adequate preparation for the courses offered abroad, The Citadel requires that all prerequisites must be successfully completed prior to departure for the foreign study location.  Failure to complete all prerequisites successfully will result in the denial of the student's participation in the study abroad program.

Class Attendance:

Students enrolled in a study abroad program are required to attend all regularly scheduled classes and field trips.

Course Registration:

The sponsoring institution or organization will assume responsibility for registering the student for credit courses at the host institution.  Registration at the Citadel is accomplished via the Application To Take Courses At Another College form and shall be the student's responsibility to complete.

·       Students studying abroad will be allowed to register for a maximum of 15 credit hours per semester at the host institution.


Grades for participation in Citadel sponsored and approved programs will be awarded according to the policies and practices of the sponsoring study abroad institutions and organizations.  These grades will then be sent to the Registrar's Office of The Citadel for evaluation.  The Citadel will only accept those transfer courses with a grade of "C" or better.  Credit hours will be assigned to the grades and these hours will be recorded on the student's transcript.  When transferring grades to The Citadel from another institution, only credit hours are recorded on a transcript, not the actual grades.


Courses abroad:

In the vent that courses are cancelled while students are abroad, it is the student's responsibility to communicate this information to their home institution as well as work with the host institution or their program representative to ensure all intended courses are completed.



If student athletes study abroad, it is their responsibility to work with their coaches or the athletic department to ensure they are and will remain in compliance with the NCAA regulations during their study abroad program.


Scholarship Recipients:

Transfer credit will be awarded for courses successfully completed with a grade of "C" or better.  However, Palmetto Fellows and Life Scholarship recipient’s grades will be calculated to ensure that minimum eligibility requirements are met.


C.      Financial Responsibilities:

The undersigned agrees to the following policies and procedures regarding Financial Responsibility.

              Application Fee:

              Students must pay any applicable fees required by the program, sponsoring institutions, and organizations for application to their programs.

              Deposit Deadlines:

              Students participating in Citadel sponsored or approved programs will be responsible for meeting deposit deadlines.  Failure to do so may result in the student not being allowed to participate in the program of his/her choice.


              Students participating in Citadel sponsored or approved programs will be responsible for making payment directly to the program, sponsoring institution, or organization.

              Financial Aid:

              Students participating in study abroad programs will be responsible for discussing all      matters pertaining to financial aid or the transfer of scholarships with the Financial Aid Office of The Citadel.

              ROTC Scholarships/Contracts:

              The undersigned acknowledges that study abroad applicants with ROTC scholarships or contracts must be granted approval from the ROTC department head or designated  official in order to participate in a study abroad program.


D.      Medical Responsibilities:

The undersigned acknowledges that there are certain risks inherent in international travel and therefore, The Citadel cannot and does not assume responsibility for the provision of medical services or payments.  The undersigned is expected to have consulted with a medical doctor, as he/she may have deemed necessary, with regards to any individual medical issues or needs.  Further, the undersigned is aware that The Citadel cannot be responsible for attending to any of the medical needs of the undersigned.

The undersigned is aware that, should he/she be required to be hospitalized while in a foreign country or in the United States during the program, The Citadel cannot and does not assume legal responsibility for payment of such cost; rather the undersigned hereby assures The Citadel that he/she has assumed all risk and responsibility and that the undersigned has adequate insurance to meet any and all needs for payment of hospital cost during the course of the study abroad program.

                      Health Insurance:

The undersigned understands that all study abroad program participants are required to maintain sufficient health, accident, disability, and hospitalization insurance while participating in their study abroad program.
  •   The Citadel offers a Citadel Study Abroad Insurance Policy at a student rate for those program participants needing to purchase an insurance policy.
  • Those students participating in programs through sponsoring or affiliated institutions and organizations that require students to enroll in a specific insurance plan as designated by their institution or school will not be required to purchase the Citadel Study Abroad Insurance.

Prescription Medications:

Program participants, who require special medications, should consult their doctor about their plans to study abroad.  Refills of the medications or prescriptions (for glasses and medication) should be included when packing in case of an emergency.

Health Problems:

It is important that program participants inform the study abroad program advisor of any special needs or existing health problems that might limit their activities during the course of the program or require special medical treatment.  This is to ensure that all precautions are taken to protect each participant and create a safe study abroad experience.

E.       Program Responsibilities:

The undersigned agrees to the following policies and procedures regarding Program Responsibility.  Additionally, students are duly bound to the Rules & Regulations set forth by the program, sponsoring institution, or organization.

              Approval Forms:

              The undersigned agrees to complete and submit all required application and enrollment         forms in their abroad office account.


              The OIDP will conduct an extensive Pre-Departure orientation program during the        semester prior to participation in a study abroad program.  The undersigned agrees to attend this orientation.

              Living Arrangements:

The undersigned acknowledges that housing accommodations vary from one location to another.  Because of the nature of the actual arrangements with the programs, or sponsoring institutions and organizations abroad, students may not be free to make    their own private living arrangements.  Students accepted for enrollment in these programs agree to accept the housing provided by the host institution, whether it be in a university dormitory, apartment, or with a private family.  Every effort will be made to accommodate the student's preference, but this can only be done within the limits of housing.


The Citadel Military College of South Carolina Center for Intl. & Special Programs