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Online Pre-departure Orientation

If you have not applied for a passport, you must do so ASAP. Keep copies of your passport with you in case of emergency. Copies of your passport could be kept in your wallet, luggage or shoes & be sure to keep your actual passport in a safe place at all times.

Most independent programs will provide the necessary guidance and material needed for you to obtain a visa if a visa is required. Please review your material to be sure that all the necessary documentation has been received in order to get your visa. 

Financial Responsibilities

Payments – Students participating in Citadel or affiliated programs will be responsible for making payment directly to the sponsoring institution or program.

Financial Aid– Students participating in study abroad programs will be responsible for discussing all matters pertaining to financial aid or the transfer of scholarships with The Citadel's Financial Aid Office.
An Enrollment Certification Form will need to be completed before funds are disbursed to students.
Please set up direct deposit as a billing setting in order to ensure that funds to go directly to you while you are abroad.

Personal Finances

ATM card- Can be used in most countries, check with your bank to see if there is an affiliated branch in your host country with lower transaction fees. Let your bank know you will be travelling out of the country and how long you will be gone.

Credit Cards- Good to have in case of emergencies; be aware of foreign transaction fees and interest rates on balances. Make sure they are in your name and monthly bill's are being paid.

Academic Responsibilities

Transfer credit-  Students participating in Citadel, affiliate and independent programs will be awarded grades according to the policies and practices of the sponsoring study abroad institutions an organizations. These grades will then be sent to the The Citadel's Registrar’s Office for evaluation. The Citadel will only accept those transfer courses with a grade of “C” or better. Credit hours will be assigned to the grades and these hours will be recorded on the student’s transcript. When transferring grades to The Citadel from another institution, only credit hours are recorded on a transcript, not the actual grades. All students must get courses they will take abroad approved before final acceptance to study abroad is granted.

Courses abroad- in the event that courses are cancelled while students are abroad, it is the student's responsibility to communicate this information to their home institution as well as work with the host institution or their program representative to ensure all intended courses are completed.

Athletes- If student athletes study abroad it is their responsibility to work with their coaches or the athletic department to ensure they are and will remain in compliance with the NCAA regulations during their study abroad program.

Cadet Notes

Rings- Orders for rings are placed during the spring for rising seniors. If a student is a rising senior and  studying abroad during the spring semester they are advised to submit their ring applications prior to departure. If you have any questions about this process please log in to your Citadel Alumni Association account here

Rank- If you are interested in applying for rank for the next academic year please follow the instructions at the following link and be sure to let them know you are studying abroad so appropriate arrangements can be made

Additional Resources:

ISIC card- International Student Identification Card offers discounts on airfare, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, and admission to tourists sites. It also carries a supplemental insurance policy. You can order one online at the ISIC website.
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