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Greek Visa Application – 2019 -2020 School Year

The Citadel Global Scholars in Athens, Greece Program

In order to participate in a study abroad program in Greece, each person will need to acquire a student visa. Please understand that these directions are specific for the Greek Consulate of Atlanta. This Consulate serves the states of GA, TN, KY, and SC. Since you are all students at The Citadel, you are all eligible to apply at this Consulate.

The Greek visa process can be time-consuming, so we recommend that you start as soon as you are APPROVED to study abroad in the online study abroad application portal, Abroad Office.

Getting your passport: A critical first step

A student visa goes inside of your passport, so it is of critical importance that you attain a passport ASAP – even before you finish your study abroad application! A passport lasts ten years, so there is no harm in having one around even if you decide not to attend the program this semester. Please see specific notes below regarding passport applications:

·         The U.S. State Department has plenty of resources on how and where to attain a U.S. passport; see the link here to get started:

·         If you already have a passport, verify that it is going to be valid until six months after your return from your study abroad program. For example, if you are studying abroad for the fall 2019 semester and plan to return to the U.S. in December of 2019, make sure that your passport is valid until at least June 2020. If your passport expires to soon after your departure date, you may not be eligible to receive your visa

·         The key to getting a passport is STARTING EARLY! We cannot emphasize this enough

Some important things to note when starting the visa process:

·         You will have to apply for your visa in person in Atlanta, Georgia; it is critical that you plan accordingly and make your visa appointment AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – appointments fill up quickly!

·         Many Citadel students plan to travel to Atlanta in groups in order to alleviate the strain of an individual road trip

·         If given enough time, we can provide a Special Orders request for you (with the understanding that you will not miss any assignments or tests); we recommend that you plan to travel to Atlanta on a Friday afternoon if at all possible to alleviate any issues in regards to missing class, etc

·         Make sure to let your parents know that you need information from them as soon as possible! The visa paperwork you will have to collect includes your parents’ W2 forms from the last two years, your parents’ bank and credit card statements from the last three months, and a signed affidavit from your parents (that is also notarized by a notary public)

·         Students will need to complete multiple medical forms before attending the American College of Greece; we recommend that students take all forms at once for their own convenience – please ask us if you’re not sure if you have everything you need!

·         Some students choose to obtain a visa from a Consulate closer to their home state – if you choose to do this, please keep in mind that requirements may vary depending on the Consulate location; please note that these tips and tricks are specific to the Greek Consulate of Atlanta

National Visa – D Type Visa

·         Each student will need to acquire a National visa – D Type Visa; information about the National visa can be found on the Greek Consulate’s website:

·         When applying for a visa and looking at resources online, make sure you are looking at information for the correct Consulate – application items vary depending on the Consulate location

·         You can find the Visa application on the Consulate’s website here:

·         You can find the TEMPLATE for the Medical Certificate here; please keep in mind that you will need to edit this document with the correct information before printing it and taking it to a medical doctor:

o   The Greek Medical Certificate needs to be signed and stamped by a medical doctor; a nurse or any other medical professional does not qualify for signing and stamping the medical certificate, per Greek law

·         You will need to obtain a criminal background check through an approved FBI channeler as part of your application process – we recommend that you start this process as early as possible!

o   See list of approved channelers here:

o   As part of the background check application process, you will need copies of fingerprints; students have had success doing this in previous semesters at the Lockwood Police Department


What you provide

What the OIDP provides

What your parents provide

What ACG provides

·         A valid passport

·         One color passport image sized photograph (2x2”) – can be obtained at CVS

·         National criminal background check from an approved channeler

·         Completed Greek visa application

·         Completed Greek Medical Certificate

·         Pre-paid express envelope WITH TRACKING (addressed to and from your home address) so the Consulate can mail your passport to you

·         A photocopy of each document in the application

·         Travel insurance – this will come to you via email from a company named CISI

·         Airline itinerary – you will need to provide us with the U.S. airport you would like to fly out of at your earliest convenience

·         Parents’ bank and credit card statements (with routing numbers, etc. crossed out) from the previous 3 months

·         W2 forms from the past 2 years

·         Signed affidavit – proof of funds; stamped by notary public

·         Acceptance letter/visa letter (in Greek); mailed to the Citadel Study Abroad Office


Frequently Asked Parent Questions

·         Many parents are curious as to why the application process includes bank statements, W2 Forms, and the proof of funds; you may tell them that this is to ensure that you have “sufficient funds” or “means of subsistence” while in a foreign country

o   As a requirement of traveling to and staying in a Schengen country, one needs to demonstrate financial readiness to cope with the costs for the period of time in which one is abroad

o   Since students are not financially independent, parents take on the responsibility of proving that the student has the financial means to support him or herself while studying abroad

·         Any further questions about the reasons for visa requirements can be addressed to the Greek Consulate of Atlanta at (404)261-3313

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