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Students Abroad

Course Registration While Abroad
  • All study abroad students should regularly check their Citadel email for notifications and campus updates while they are abroad. 
  • Students abroad will receive emails from the Citadel's registrars office regarding information for pre-advising and pre-registration for the next semester (on which they will be back on the Citadel's campus)
  • All courses, course information, and registration tools will be available in the student's Lesesne Gateway. Students abroad are responsible for registering themselves for their classes for the next semester via Lesesne Gateway
  • The dates for registration are also available on the registrar's website, .
*Students are responsible for communicating with their academic advisor at The Citadel to be advised about course selection/academic plans prior to pre-registration.

  • In the event that a program participant reports being sexually assaulted or harassed while abroad, your first responsibility is the immediate physical and emotional well-being of the student. 
  • Your next responsibility, in compliance with The Citadel’s policies, is to report the incident to the appropriate college officials as soon as possible.
  • The link above is the protocol for responding to reports of sexual violence. If at any time you have questions or concerns about the process, please contact Valerie Mercado ( who will guide you in your efforts to address the issue.

Rank Boards

If you are interested in applying for rank for the next academic year and are studying abroad during the spring semester, please follow the instructions at the following link and be sure to let them know you are studying abroad so appropriate arrangements can be made, .


If you will be abroad during an election and wish to vote absentee please visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program's website and sign up to vote absentee while you are abroad.
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