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Study Abroad Eligibility and Application
Students must be rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors, and be in good academic, disciplinary, & financial standing in order to participate in any type of study abroad program. Note that students on academic probation, on a required leave, or students who are under disciplinary censure are not allowed to study abroad. If the OIDP has granted the student approval to go abroad and the student falls into one of the above categories, study abroad status will be revoked.

Definitions of good standing
  • Academic: meets minimum GPA requirements, these vary by program and can be found on the program’s website.
  • Disciplinary: must be conduct proficient at all stages in the study abroad application process and while participating in the program.
Required GPA:
Citadel policy is that in order to be eligible to study abroad, students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 for semester programs and 2.0 for short term programs.
*Students applying to Citadel sponsored or approved programs are subject to the minimum grade point average requirements determined by each program.

Cadet Regulations

AbroadOffice Terminology to Understand
All students will create an account and apply to participate in study abroad programs through the Citadel’s Abroad Office Application portal.

Application Statuses
Applying- You have selected a program to apply to and have started filling out the required application forms.
Review- You have completed all required application forms and your application is under review.
Approved- You have been provisionally approved to study abroad and are working on completing the Enrollment forms.
Enrolled- You have completed all required enrollment forms and is on track for Final Approval.
Student- This is your status while you are abroad. Completed- Your program is completed
Students will receive an “Application Status” notification email for each new stage of the application process.

  • I understand that my application status may be revoked if
  • I understand that I am responsible for attending the OIDP Study Abroad Pre-Departure orientation.
  • I understand that in the event I cannot attend this meeting, itis my responsibility to contact the OIDP about alternative Pre-Departure orientation options. All participants must attend or view the Pre-Departure orientation in order to participate in all study abroad programs.
  • I understand that during the application process or while participating in my study abroad program, I remain subject to and bound by all currently existing college policies, including, but not limited to, all Cadet Regulations.
  • I understand that I am ineligible to participate in any study abroad program if I am on college probation at any point during the application, after I have been accepted into my program, or after I have committed to participate in my program. If I am placed on college probation after I have committed to my study abroad program, I understand that I am still responsible to pay the nonrefundable Study Abroad Fee and any other fees incurred on my behalf.

Types of Forms
The "Online form" (0/X)" lists all optional forms relevant to the study abroad process.
The "Application forms" (0/X)" are mandatory forms that must completed by all students applying to study abroad.
*Once all mandatory forms are completed, a student’s study abroad application will be reviewed for eligibility.
The “Enrollment Forms”are forms available to students once he/she has been conditionally approved to study abroad by the OIDP and are required for final approval to study abroad.
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