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Application Process

Once you have done all of your research and decided which program you would like to participate in, you may begin the application process. 
Note: Apply to only ONE program per term.

Apply to Study Abroad 
Go to the interactive world map or the advanced search to find the specific program in which you are interested.
Click the "Apply" link next to the program name. This will link you to the Citadel Study Abroad application.

My Applications
This is your listing of application status.

Online forms (0/X): These forms are optional forms relevant to the study abroad process. For example, an online form may be required to appeal for approval to study abroad if the student does not meet minimum eligibility requirements.

Application Form (0/X): These forms are mandatory and must be completed for initial approval to study abroad. There are four types of application forms that must be completed.  Once all mandatory forms are completed, a student's study abroad application will be reviewed for eligibility.

Enrollment Forms: These forms will appear once a student has been approved to study abroad by the Office of Study Abroad and are required for final approval to study abroad.

Evaluation Form: These forms will appear once a student has completed his/her program and are the last forms in the study abroad process.

Click on the type of form in the online forms column, "Application Form 0/4" and the required forms to be completed will appear.

Application Statuses

Applying: You have selected a program to apply to and have started filling out the required application forms
Review: You have completed all required application forms and your application is under review.
Approved: You have been provisionally approved to study abroad and are working on completing the Enrollment forms.
Enrolled: You have completed all required enrollment forms and are on track for Final Approval.
Student: This is your status while you are abroad.
Completed: Your program is completed.

Students will receive an "Application Status" notification email for each new stage of the application process.

Study Abroad Application Process Instructions
  • Please note you only need to apply to ONE program per term.  Each time you apply to a program, automated emails are sent to different campus departments.
  • To avoid having your name go through multiple departments multiple times a day, use the Study Abroad Research and Planning Guide or stop by the Office of Study Abroad to help you navigate your program options
  • Once you have found the program that suits your wants and needs, you can begin the application
  • If you decide to go on a different program than the one you originally applied for, please contact the Office of Study Abroad to transfer your completed forms to a new program.
  • This will ensure that you do not have to fill out the forms more than once.
Application Process through an Independent Program
  • If you are going abroad on an Independent Program through a provider (i.e. AIFS, CEA, CIS), do not apply directly to the independent program provider until you have been approved by The Citadel Office of Study Abroad. 
  • Once you complete all initial application forms and our office has reviewed them, you will receive an email notifying you that your application status has changed. 
  • When you get this email, log-in to your Abroad Office account to verify your status. Once you do so, THEN, you can go to the provider's website and fill out their application.
  •  If you are studying through an independent provider, you may now apply for their program directly through them. *Note: Citadel programs do not require this additional step. 
Your application is not considered complete until you have :
  • Submitted all forms 
  • Attended the pre-departure orientation

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