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Financial Aid & Study Abroad/Study Away Students

The first step for Citadel students interested in studying abroad is to contact the Office of Study Abroad. 


Street Address: 171 Moultrie Street
Building/Room: Richardson 202
City: Charleston
State: South Carolina
Zip: 29409
Country: United States
Telephone: (843) 953-9979


How Do Financial Aid Accounts Pay While Studying Abroad/Away?

Financial aid account funds always pay to The Citadel:  When studying abroad, your financial aid account pays just as it does while you are present at the school. In most cases, you are not actually billed at The Citadel. Once your enrollment at your study abroad college is verified, your financial aid funds pay to The Citadel Treasurer’s Office. Next, a refund check is either deposited as an electronic refund or mailed to your home address. You are responsible for interim payments to other schools. Please be certain that all of your Citadel financial aid requirements have been met well in advance and your account is in good order before you travel abroad.

Global Scholars Program: This program serves as the exception to the statement above in that you are billedat The Citadel when you participate in the Global Scholar Program. Therefore, you pay Citadel charges rather than being billed at the host college. Global scholars studying abroad in Cyprus, for example, are charged here at The Citadel and pay their bill to The Citadel while overseas. There aren't any special paperwork requirements to process finanical aid for Global Scholars Program participants studying abroad.

General Information 

South Carolina Tuition Prepay (SCTPP): This program is designed to pay tuition and fees to Title IV (U.S. Federal Government student aid) institutions. Please inform your study abroad advisor that your SCTPP may factor into your program decisions. Out-of-state students with PrePay plans should communicate with their plan administrator when considering study aboard.

State of South Carolina Grants/Scholarships (LIFE/Palmetto Fellows/Need-Based Grant): State regulations for these state-based grants and scholarships still apply for study abroad/study away programs. Therefore, all grades earned for courses taken while studying abroad must be calculated into your LIFE Scholarship GPA as long as your transcript is issued by a university recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Citadel Institutional Scholarships: Citadel eligibility requirements still apply while you are participating in a study abroad/away program. Catalog scholarships already awarded in finanical aid accounts will pay in the same manner as if you were in classes on The Citadel campus. Athletic scholarships do not pay during a study abroad semester. Please check with the Athletic Department in advance about your scholarship eligibilty should you study abroad.

U.S. Military ROTC Scholarships: ROTC scholarships do not pay while students are studying abroad. In some cases, ROTC scholarship recipients are reimbursed following their semester abroad. Please check with your miliatry department on campus about requirements and steps for reimbursement. The only exception to the this "no-pay-rule" is the Global Scholars Program in which students are actually billed for Citadel tuition here on campus even though they are studying abroad. ROTC Scholarships pay at The Citadel for Global Scholars Program participants who are also ROTC Scholarship recipients.

Required:  Study Abroad/Study Away Financial Aid Checklist

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